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Master in Strategic Design

Strategic Design course at POLI.design – Milan (Italy) is a 1st Level Specializing Master of Politecnico di Milano, designed and run by POLI.design, founded by Politecnico di Milano, in collaboration with MIP, the Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business.

Quick Facts

Duration: 15 months
Starting Date: 12 October 2020
Tuition Fee: €14,500
Location: Milano, Italy

Strategic Design course at POLI.design – Milan (Italy) aims to build the foundations of a specific and expert competence relating to the issues surrounding strategic design and to innovation and design of the product-system. The Specializing Master aims to produce experts and consultants capable of carrying out a design and management role in the innovation process of the product-system.

In particular, the programme proposes training on integration of product, services and communication components and developing specific skills aimed at improving the overall process quality (that is, production methods and contexts) and that of the results (that is, that of the actual and perceived quality) that set the cultural identity characteristics, sensoriality a sustainability of the designed solutions.

Employment prospects

The placement identifies two main macro-professional profiles: “innovation and design specialists” (marketing directors, R&D managers, industrial designers and product engineers, services and multimedia solutions designers) and “integrators of innovative and design processes” (design managers, design directors, project managers, product managers, retail managers, brand managers, consultants for product-system innovation).

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Pursuing the MDS provided me with some of the most inspirational experiences in both my personal and professional life. It opened the doors to opportunities that were critical in my career and helped me enter the world of Design and Innovation consulting. It also allowed me to exchange knowledge with people from a great variety of backgrounds and experience life in one of the most stimulating cities in the world.


Student from the United States

Modules Include:

  • Strategic design
  • Service design
  • Design tools
  • Product service system design
  • Design culture
  • Strategic and operative marketing
  • Project management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate strategy
  • Design strategy
  • Innovation management

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