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Master in Service Design

The Master in Service Design at POLI.design – Milan (Italy) was especially created in response to the growing demand for professionals specifically able to handle the complexity of designing a service.

Quick Facts

Duration: 1 year
Starting Date: 19 October 2020
Tuition Fee: €15,500
Location: Milano, Italy

The Master in Service Design at POLI.design – Milan (Italy)integrates general theory with methodology and hands-on experience aimed at the creation of systemic, complex solutions that blend material and immaterial components.


The overall idea behind the Master stems from the awareness of the significant changes that have occurred in the development and delivery of services and products by companies and public-sector organizations, and the radical impact that these changes are producing on professional skills and corporate capabilities.

It is thus essential to train professionals who can build and manage new physical and virtual patterns of service experience and interaction.

The complexity of conceiving, developing, and delivering a service requires innovation culture, creative thinking, and cultural exchange.

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I heard about Service Design about 3 years ago, in Chile (my home country), while I was working as an independent designer and I was searching for a professional path to follow. In this search I started working in a non-profit foundation where I fell in love of the Public and Social Service, and I knew that I could combine Design and services from a Service Design perspective. I decided that I wanted to become a Service Designer. This Master has given me new skills and knowledge to confront the different opportunities and challenges that the public and social service will present to me, allowing me to make and impact in society, and improving the quality of live and services around the world.


Student from Chile, Background in Industrial Design, Strategic Communication and Business

Didactic Modules:

  • Lectures: Theoretical lessons aimed at introducing the discipline, and methodological lessons devoted to the acquisition of processes, tools, and approaches.
  • Service Design Pills: Targeted seminars that delve deeper into approaches and tools through the experimentation on a topic.
  • Service Jams: Mini-workshops in collaboration with companies, focused on the generation of service concepts.
  • Service Design Workshops: Design labs, in collaboration with companies, dealing with a real briefing that is focused on user research, and the development of service ideas and prototyping.
  • Internship: 475 hours training experience in a partner company of the Specializing Master or other companies suggested by participants.

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