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Master in Premium Design Management

The Premium Design Management Specializing Master offered by POLI.design – Milan (Italy) involves the deepening of issues related to the design of a new kind of marketing and management in the luxury sector.

Quick Facts

Duration: 1 year
Starting Date: 26 October 2020
Tuition Fee: €9,500
Location: Milano, Italy – Monaco, Principality of Monaco

The market of luxury goods and services, in particular, with its recent trend of commercialization of experiences, rather than just products, offers a unique meeting ground between the theoretical and practical areas related to the design, and the analyzes and studies related to the world of marketing and business management.


Aim of the Specializing Master in Premium Design Management from POLI.design – Milan (Italy) is to train key figures able to mediate instances of management and corporate marketing with the needs of products, spaces and services characterized by high or very high quality of design.

Professional Outcomes

Employment opportunities are mainly in the luxury sector which has multiple areas not affected by any crisis, in addition to opportunities in the area of services and of planning and management of events and exhibitions. There are also prospects in the areas of design and strategic marketing.

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Scientific Director of the Specializing Master in Fashion Tech

Courses Included

  • Warm Up Module
  • Design Pillars
  • Product and Brand Design
  • Communication Values
  • Retail and Brand Management

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