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Master in Furniture Design

The Furniture Design Master offered at POLI.design – Milan (Italy) is based on the capacity of Italian companies, working in the furniture industry, to use design as a fundamental lever of competitive advantage and a structural element of corporate culture.

Quick Facts

Duration: 1 year
Starting Date: 01 November 2019
Tuition Fee: €14,000
Location: Milano, Italy

The Furniture Design programme from POLI.design – Milan (Italy) is based on practical-application activities centered on the involvement of some of the most important Italian furniture companies and international designers.

Students will work on real problems related to the many contemporary challenges of the industry, starting from actual project briefs from the partner companies.

The Master in Furniture Design provides the following types of didactic activities:

Introductory and specialized lessons, entrusted to a highly qualified faculty, composed of teachers from the Politecnico di Milano, professionals from the industry and experts from the business world. The lessons will introduce and expand on different aspects of contemporary design and will give you an overview of methods and tools that will help you innovate and manage added value through design.

Testimonials and meetings with designers and companies that will bring participants into direct contact with the protagonists of Italian design.

Project work in small teams starting from project briefs from Masters partner companies with the support of the companies, professionals and experts from within the industry.

300 hours of professionalizing projects or 300 hours of curriculum internships at companies and professional studios, with the aim of experimenting and expanding the skills acquired during the Master in the world of work.

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I am convinced that the ability to depend on our companies, not only from innate creativity, coupled with the industrial entrepreneurship typical of our country, but more and more from being equipped to face the difficult challenges of the future through study and cultural understanding of the key factors of success in the design world, and I hope that this Specializing Master will make a significant contribution to increasing the quality of the Italian management system.


CEO Boffi

Modules Include:

  • Design and Manufacturing Process Module
  • Product Design Module
  • Design Strategies Module
  • Retail, Service and Exhibition Design Module
  • 4 partial exemptions of 25%

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