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Master in Design for Kids & Toys

The Specializing Master in Design for Kids and Toys offered by POLI.design – Milan (Italy) aims to train, in terms of content and method,a new generation of designers able to manage complex design processes in the world of products and services for kids.

Quick Facts

Duration: 1 year
Starting Date: January 2021
Tuition Fee: €10,000
Location: Milano, Italy

The Specializing Master in Design for Kids and Toys offered by POLI.design – Milan (Italy) is organized in partnership with Assogiocattoli, which represents Italian manufacturers and distributors working in this industry.

Italy generally excels in design (that means culture, method and practice of project and production) in several fields like fashion, food and creativity applied to multiple activities, but in the toy and childcare productions Italian design has yet to play a key role in building a recognizable identity.

The “Design System” and “System of Enterprise”, shows significant episodes but certainly not a coherent and recognizable oversight in children’s products, in furniture for children, in the game and in the toy sector. From this scenario it comes a need in poly-technical and multi-skill training. Designers and, in particular, strategic designers have the role of create scenarios understanding the many aspects and skills that compose the system.


  • freelance professionals and consultants able of thinking, developing and managing product service system projects and educational activities (training, laboratories, workshops etc.);
  • startuppers able of giving life to new businesses within offering for kids by taking cross-cutting opportunities in different sectors and areas (from technology to services);
  • positions in research and development offices, technical office, marketing and communication of companies, agencies and institutions that have business related to the child system.

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Scientific Director of the Specializing Master in Fashion Tech

Courses Included

  • User centered design;
  • Ethnography as an approach to meta design research;
  • The strategic approach to innovation in the toy sector;
  • Strategic design and design process;
  • The sustainable approach to innovation strategies in the toy industry;
  • From the product to the system produced in the toy.

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