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Master in Accessory Design

The Specializing Master in Accessory Design offered at POLI.design – Milan (Italy) is designed, in accordance with the spirit and tradition of the Politecnico di Milano, to join hands and mind, experimentation and tradition, technology and craftsmanship, prototype and manufacturing.

Quick Facts

Duration: 1 year
Starting Date: 30 November 2020
Tuition Fee: €10,000
Location: Milano, Italy

The Specializing Master in Accessory Design is designed by POLI.design – Milan (Italy) provides the methodological tools and the design skills to become accessory designer, with professional application ranging from fashion to product and combining superior craftsmanship with high technology.

Job opportunities

Students who complete the Master will be able to design accessories for both the quality craftsmanship that in the high technology.

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Student from Brazil

Talks about her ‎experience‬ during the Specializing ‪Master‬ and the ‪job‬ opportunities to follow.

The teaching programme will be organised as follows:

  • Accessory & Luxury: culture, history, trends and market
  • Accessory Modelling: Rhino
  • Accessory Graphics and Representation
  • Workshop: hat design
  • Workshop: eyewear design
  • Workshop: watch design
  • Workshop: jewellery design
  • Workshop: handbag design
  • Workshop: leather design
  • Workshop: luggage
  • Workshop: shoes design

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